We at Dansk Sandblæsning are experts in sandblasting all kinds of houses. We offer mobile sandblasting throughout Denmark. In addition to sandblasting houses, we can also easily manage residential complexes and country properties. We have many years of experience in sandblasting all kinds of facades and all our employees have the necessary experience and expertise in the field. You therefore get the best advice. You can therefore be in safe hands with us. There is not the task within mobile sand blasting we cannot handle.

A blast of sand is not just right and that is why you should always be in safe hands before starting the task. There are several different types and types of sand blasting such as wet sand blasting and dry sand blasting. When we come out and see your house or facade, we can see here what type of sandblasting your house needs. It depends on which facade is to be blown and what the surroundings are. We typically perform a wet sand blast if the surface of the house is hard and needs to be cleaned of loose plaster and paint. When we do a wet sand blast we also use water. This means that the sandblasting will not dust as much, which in most houses is better because of the surroundings. We often use dry sand blasting if we are going to sandblast iron, woodwork or steel. In addition, we also perform dust-free blowing.